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Le Grand Salon


The " Le Grand Salon" is a distinguished event aimed at exploring the multifaceted concept of "Ideal Beauty" through the lens of fashion and art. This engaging panel discussion features three esteemed guests, each bringing a unique perspective to the table. Dr. Charles A. Riley II, a renowned curator and author, will share insights from his extensive experience in the art world, highlighting the historical evolution of beauty standards. Han Feng, celebrated for her innovative fashion designs as well as her costume designs for the opera "Madama Butterfly," will discuss the intersection of traditional aesthetics and contemporary fashion. Heather Guo, the founder of Antique Cheongsam, will bring a unique viewpoint on the revival and modern interpretation of traditional Chinese attire. Together, these experts will delve into the complexities of beauty ideals, examining how they have been shaped by cultural, historical, and social influences. This event promises a deep and insightful conversation on how the concept of beauty influences and is reflected in fashion and art.

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Why CAF  host this event?

The Civilizasian Foundation (CAF) is proud to host the "New Year's Appreciation from the Foundation on Fashion and Art" event as a gesture of gratitude towards our valued members. We have chosen to organize this event following Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year as a way to honor and thank our members for their continued support and engagement. Our foundation recognizes the importance of our community and aims to celebrate this special occasion by offering an enriching and thoughtful discussion on the topic of "Ideal Beauty." Through this event, we seek to not only appreciate our past but also to inspire our members by exploring the diverse perspectives on beauty in fashion and art. It is our way of giving back to those who have been integral to our journey, by providing an experience that is both meaningful and reflective of the cultural richness that our members cherish.

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CivilizASIAN Foundation (CAF) is an IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Tax ID # 61-2038189. 

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