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Our Mission

The CivilizASIAN Foundation's (CAF) mission is to showcase and disseminate Asian cultures and art created throughout Asia and/or by Asian Americans, to a broad audience in the United States. CAF will seek out ancient Asian cultural artifacts and presentations, as well as contemporary Asian and Asian American works. It will collaborate with other Pan Asian and American organizations and institutions in furtherance of its mission: encouraging peaceful dialogs among all peoples and nations through a focus on arts and culture.

Board of Directors

Emma D. Liu, Chair

Willa Ao, Director

Fanghua Jiang, Director

Gary S. Moriwaki, Director

Robin Mui, Director

Advisory Board members


Michael Chen, Secretary

Freya Wang, Webmaster


We are hiring part-time staff in the areas of marketing, CRM, public relations, bookkeeping, media relations, etc. Please contact us by submitting a form below and write a short message with your expertise and interests.

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