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A Visual Diary

As an artist, it is my wish to record the war, as a form to express my opposition to the invaders and the war. I have been drawing one painting per day since the war started and plan to do so until the war ends. 


These various sketches will eventually be combined into a large-scale work entitled “Every day in Ukraine – A Visual Diary". I hope the scale of this work will not be very large, which means that the war will end as soon as possible…..        

Why CAF supports this project

Our mission is to encourage peaceful dialogue among all peoples through a focus on the arts and culture of Asia. Weixin Xu's work shows the cruel reality of war as it is felt every day.   


The artist chose to draw on the iPad vs. canvas. an innovative method to capture his emotions. Unlike traditional art, where the audience can only appreciate the final products, this work allows the audience to see the entire formation from the beginning, including every stroke that got erased, recolored,  and moved around. It contains rich information about the artist's emotions and thinking processes. 



The work will be exhibited to raise funding to aid both the displaced locals and the Ukraine refugees in the US by providing 

  • Living essentials

  • Psychological support

  • Access to education and economic assistance

If you share our vision, please kindly donate to the CAF Ukraine Fund. 


CivilizASIAN Foundation (CAF) is an IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Tax ID # 61-2038189. 

Learn to paint on the iPad

Teenager education program

We will also use the work for art education for the next generation in the US. The first stops of our educational program will be Green Vale School and Orlando Lake Highland private school. 

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