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Promoting the unifying power of classical music, Shanghai Sonatas focuses on the awareness of Holocaust, genocide and racial violence. It shares the memoirs of Jewish classical musicians who escaped Nazi Germany and found refuge in Shanghai, China in the 1930’s. They survived the war and educated the first generation of Chinese classical musicians. Today, there are 60 million classical musicians worldwide who are of Chinese descent. Many of them are connected to this part of history.

Please contact Producer & Composer of Shanghai Sonatas Sean (Xiang) Gao (

The Ingenuity of the Craftsman 
- A Japanese Traditional Craft Exhibition

Since ancient times, Japanese people have advocated animism and regarded all creation as a sacred behavior. The "craftsman spirit" has continued this belief beyond the craft itself. This exhibition allows the audience to experience the true spirit of Japanese craftsmanship to appreciate the dedication, development, and innovation of the craftsman's ingenuity.


The Path to Wealth 

- A Chinese Traditional Fortune Culture Exhibition

The Path to Wealth is the only exhibition of its theme and kind that systematically

displays the Chinese history and culture of fortune and the God of Fortune that Chinese people have been worshiping worldwide for thousands of years. The exhibition showcases the Chinese traditional interpretation of "Properly getting wealth and correctly using wealth".

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