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"The 'Le Grand Salon' series is a sequence of prestigious salon-style discussions that invites influential figures from the art world. Each session offers a diverse array of exceptional programs. To date, two sessions have been completed. The series aims to explore the multifaceted concept of 'Ideal Beauty' through the lens of fashion and art. These engaging panel discussions feature esteemed guests, each bringing a unique perspective to the table. Dr. Charles A. Riley II, a renowned curator and author, shares insights from his extensive experience in the art world, highlighting the historical evolution of beauty standards. Han Feng, celebrated for her innovative fashion designs as well as her costume designs for the opera 'Madama Butterfly,' discusses the intersection of traditional aesthetics and contemporary fashion. Heather Guo, the founder of Antique Cheongsam, brings a unique viewpoint on the revival and modern interpretation of traditional Chinese attire. Together, these experts delve into the complexities of beauty ideals, examining how they have been shaped by cultural, historical, and social influences. Each event in the series promises a deep and insightful conversation on how the concept of beauty influences and is reflected in fashion and art.


Promoting the unifying power of classical music, Shanghai Sonatas focuses on the awareness of Holocaust, genocide and racial violence. It shares the memoirs of Jewish classical musicians who escaped Nazi Germany and found refuge in Shanghai, China in the 1930’s. They survived the war and educated the first generation of Chinese classical musicians. Today, there are 60 million classical musicians worldwide who are of Chinese descent. Many of them are connected to this part of history.

Please contact Producer & Composer of Shanghai Sonatas Sean (Xiang) Gao (

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