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Lydia Duanmu, Director

Lydia hails from Inner Mongolia, China, and is an alumnus of the Mural Painting Department at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. In 2008, fueled by her fervent passion for art and a vision to support emerging artists, she founded the Rope Art Gallery in Xi’an, China, where she primarily championed contemporary ink and wash artists.

Upon relocating to the UK in 2010, Lydia pivoted her focus towards collaborating with Chinese artists, aiming to elevate their presence on the international stage. Her profound understanding of art, combined with her professional acumen and expansive network, has allowed her to seamlessly bridge the gap between the East and West, and between artists and collectors. Lydia's global journey has seen her reside in France, the UK, and Canada before finally establishing roots in the U.S. Recognizing her exemplary contributions to the art world, an Italian Art Magazine invited her to serve as the editor for their 'Asian Artists Talk' segment. Additionally, she has been instrumental in fostering dialogue between Chinese and American artists.

Lydia's global perspective, unwavering passion for art, and impeccable work ethic culminated in the inception of her own art enterprise, offering a robust platform for both artists and aficionados. In late 2018, she assumed the role of Vice Director at Crossing Art Gallery in New York, overseeing marketing, sales, and artist relations. Today, both Lydia's art club and her company command significant respect within the art community. She remains committed to unearthing and promoting new talent through meticulous curation, art-centric events, and exhibitions.

With a rich professional history and unparalleled experiences in the realm of art, Lydia has carved a niche for herself as a distinguished curator. Whether it's sales marketing or artist liaison, she enjoys the unwavering support and admiration of a select group of esteemed Asian collectors.

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